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Welcome to my Livejournal, where I'll be posting my various icons, graphics, fan arts in general and pretty much anything fandom related.
My name is Simone (Si), 34yrs, Brazil.
Want to make a new friend? So do I, feel free to talk to me :)
Feel free to watch if you like what you see and I tag everything!
Below the cuts you'll find the rules and an index to all my fan arts. My resources can be found here.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you see here!

the Rules:

~ Credit si_crazy. Don't know how? Here's a handy example:

~ Please don't repost icons, including to sites as Fanpop or Tumblr.
~ Please don't edit icons or claim as your own. Blank icons aren't icon bases, nor any of my graphics are to be used as bases.
~ Comments are appreciated, I love to know what you guys think of my icons ♥

Fan Art Index

Icons Index

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